Efecte Tools for Excel

Efecte Tools for Excel integrates your Microsoft Excel to any Efecte server. It is a simple and very powerful tool to edit data in Efecte utilizing the full power of Excel. All you need is Efecte username and password. It works out-of-the-box and needs no Efecte configuration changes nor consultant work.

Free Install

You can install and test the Efecte Tools for Excel for free. If you like it, you can purchase a licensed version.

Efecte Tools for Excel features and use cases

Efecte Tools for Excel allows you to use Efecte in a whole new way. You can perform tasks that are impossible to do in the basic user interface and would otherwise require consultants or coding work.

The Efecte Tools for Excel enables you to easily and quickly download data from Efecte to Excel and upload data from Excel to Efecte. This gives you the opportunity to e.g. easily edit Efecte data in Excel and syncronize it back, or collect data to an Excel sheet and update the data to Efecte with one click.

Example video 1 - How to use the Tools for importing data

In this example you see how a CSV file with names and email addresses is quickly imported into Efecte creating several new person data cards.

With Efecte Tools for Excel you can also easily integrate data between Efecte and 3rd party systems, which also support Excel/csv files. Just download data from the 3rd party system to your Excel sheet, and upload it to Efecte with one click

Example video 2 - How to use the Tools for mass editing data

In this example we mass edit data in Efecte using Excel functions. We edit the persons imported in the previous video and alter everyones email address domain without altering the whole email address.

The tool supports the use of Excel formulas in editing Efecte data. It enables you to perform ad-hoc mass edits that is not possible with Efecte e.g. removing certain values from a multi value field in several entities is currently impossible in Efecte, with the Tools for Excel this can be done in seconds.

More information on supported platforms and features can be found from the Product Information Page.

NOTE: If you have trouble using the web installation, you can also Download a local installation package. Using the local installation package disables automatic web updates and you have to use the local installation package to upgrade in the future.